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A. Major Life Events

1. Do you think you have ever been unfairly fired or denied a promotion?

2. For unfair reasons, do you think you have ever not been hired for a job?

3. Have you ever been unfairly stopped, searched, questioned, physically threatened or abused by the police?

4. Have you ever been unfairly discouraged by a teacher or advisor from continuing your education?

5. Have you ever been unfairly prevented from moving into a neighborhood because the landlord or a realtor refused to sell or rent you a house or apartment?

6. Have you ever moved into a neighborhood where neighbors made life difficult for you or your family? Was it so bad that you moved out?

Follow-up questions for each item:

1. What was the main reason?

A. Ethnicity
B. Gender
C.  Race
D.  Age
E.  Religion
G. Physical Appearance
H. Sexual Orientation.
I.   Income Level/Social Class
J.  Other

2. Did that happen in the last 12 months?

B. Every Day Discrimination

In your day-to-day life how often have any of the following things happened to you?

1. You are treated with less courtesy than other people.
2. You are treated with less respect than other people.
3. You receive poorer service than other people at restaurants or stores.
4. People act as if they think you are not smart.
5. People act as if they are afraid of you.
6. People act as if they think you are dishonest.
7. People act as if they're better than you are.
8. You are called names or insulted.
9. You are threatened or harassed.

Suggested Response Categories:

1. Almost every day
2. At least once a week
3. A few times a month
4. A few times a year
5. Less than once a year
6. Never

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