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Bruce McEwen

Ana Diez Roux

Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Center for Social Epidemiology and Population Health
University of Michigan
1214 South University, Second Floor
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2548
Tel: (734) 615-9204
Fax: (734) 998-0006

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, 1995
M.P.H., The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, 1991
M.D., University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1985

Research Interests

Social determinants of health, neighborhood health effects, cardiovascular disease epidemiology, epidemiologic methods generally, methodological issues related to the presence of multiple levels of analysis and the integration of social and biological factors in epidemiology, multilevel analysis, and health in Latin America.

Selected Publications

Diez Roux, A.V., Schwartz, S., Susser, E. (2002). Ecologic studies and ecologic variables in public health research. In Detels R., McEwen J., Beaglehole R., Tanaka H. (Ed.) The Oxford Textbook of Public Health. Fourth Edition. (493-508). London: Oxford University Press.

Diez Roux, A.V., Stein Merkin, S., Hannan, P., Jacobs, D.R., Kiefe, CI. (2002). Area characteristics, individual-level socioeconomic indicators, and smoking in young adults: the CARDIA Study. American Journal of Epidemiology, 157(4), 315-26.

Diez Roux, A.V., Chambless, L., Stein Merkin, S., Arnett, D., Eigenbrodt, M., Nieto, F.J., Szklo, M., Sorlie, P. (2002). Socioeconomic disadvantage and change in blood pressure associated with aging. Circulation, 106(6), 703-10.

Diez Roux, A.V. (2001). Investigating area and neighborhood effects on health. American Journal of Public Health, 91(11), 1783-9.

Internet Links

Ana Diez Roux's University of Michigan website


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