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Ichiro Kawachi

Ichiro Kawachi

Associate Professor of Health and Social Behavior

Address: Department of Health and Social Behavior
Kresge Building, 7th Floor
Phone: (617) 432-0235
Fax: (617) 432-3755

Otago University, New Zealand
M.D., 1985
Ph.D., 1991

Research Interests

Social Determinants of Health : This research seeks to link macro social forces -- such as income distribution, social cohesion and social capital, inequalities in political participation, and residential segregation -- to patterns of health and disease in populations. Studies in progress feature both ecologic and multi-level designs, with a variety of health outcomes (mortality, morbidity, quality of life). Psychosocial Risk Factors for Heart Disease: This research attempts to link psychosocial factors to risk of heart disease. These risk factors include: work environment (job stress, shift work); personality and negative emotions (anger, hostility, anxiety, and depression); as well as the protective effects of social networks and support. These studies are being carried out in four cohort studies: the Nurses' Health Study and Nurses' Health Study II in women; the Health Professionals Follow-up Study and VA Normative Aging Study in men. Health-related Quality of Life: Studies in progress include prospective investigations of healthy aging in a large cohort of women (Nurses' Health Study); predictors of functional recovery following major illness, such as breast cancer and heart attack; and the role of work organization in predicting functional outcomes among working women. Smoking and Health :Studies include the effects of passive smoking on disease risk; the health effects of smoking so-called "low yield" cigarettes; and the impact of excise taxes on cigarette consumption.

Selected Publications

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Gilman, S.E., Kawachi, I., Fitzmaurice, G.M., & Buka, S.L. Family disruption in childhood and risk of adult depression. American Journal of Psychiatry 2003;160(5):939-946.

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