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Mark Cullen

Mark Cullen

Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Yale University School of Medicine 1993-2009 Director, Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program 1981-2009 Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine 2009-present

General Internal Medicine Division
School of Medicine
Stanford University
251 Campus Drive MSOB Room 338
Stanford CA 94305
Tel: (650) 384-5536

A.B. Harvard College 1971

M.D. Yale University School of Medicine 1976
Internal Medicine Residency Yale New Haven Hospital 1976-80

Research Interests

Dr. Cullen has explored a range of clinical and epidemiologic aspects of the impact of the physical environment on health, most recently in the areas of asthma and chronic lung disease. The focus of this work has been the application of biologic markers of health effects as an alternative to traditional epidemiologic design in the study of occupational diseases. Over the past decade he has been exploring the interactions between social environment and physical factors on the patterns of disease and injury within industrial workforces, with particular interest in the effects of work organization.

Selected Publications

Rosenstock L, Cullen MR. (eds). Textbook of Clinical Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Philadelphia: Saunders,1994.

Cullen MR. Epidemiologic methods for the study of occupational asthma: Current problems and solutions. Chest 1996;109:51(s)-54(s).

Omenn GS, Goodman GE, Thornquist MD, Balmes J, Cherniack MG, Cullen MR, et al. Effects of the combination of beta-carotene and vitamin A on lung cancer incidence, total mortality and cardiovascular mortality in smokers and asbestos workers. New Eng J Med 1996;334:1150-55.

Rabinowitz PM, Cullen MR, Feinstein RE. Commentary: Host/environment medicine. A family practice model for the future. Family Medicine 1998;30:297-300.

Cullen MR. Occupational health in the 20th century: Spiraling to the future. Ann Rev Pub Health 1999:20;1-13.

Shmueli A, Cullen MR. Birth weight, maternal age and education: New observations from Connecticut and Virginia. The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine1999;72(4):245-258.

Pollack K.M., Slade M.D., Cantley L., Taiwo O., Sircar K., Vegso S., & Cullen M. (2007).

Use of administrative databases to identify systematic curves of injury in aluminum manufacturing. American Journal Industrial Medicine, 50:676-686.

Pollack K.S., Sorock G.S., Slade M.D., Cantley L., Sircar K., Taiwo O., & Cullen M.R. (2007).The association of body mass index and acute traumatic workplace injury in hourly manufacturing workers. American Journal Epidemiology, 166:204-211.

Vegso S., Cantley L., Slade M., Taiwo O., Sircar K., Rabinowitz P., Fiellin M., Russi M.D., & Cullen M.R. (2007). Extended work hours and risk for acute occupational injury: A case-crossover study of manufacturing workers. American Journal Industrial Medicine, 50:597-603.

Janicki-Deverts, D., S. Cohen, Matthews, K.A. & Cullen, M.R.. (2008). History of unemployment predicts future elevations in C-reactive protein among male participants in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study. Annals of Behavioral Medicine 36(2): 176-185.

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