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William H. Dow

William H. Dow

Associate Professor of Health Economics Chair, Health Services and Policy Analysis PhD Program Associate Director, Berkeley Population Center

Address: Division of Health Policy & Management
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley
408 Warren Hall #7360
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
Tel: (510) 643-5439
Fax: (510) 643-6981

Yale University, Ph.D. in Economics, 1995
Cornell University, B.A. in Economics, 1991

Research Interests

Will Dow's research analyzes economic aspects of health insurance, health behaviors, and health and demographic outcomes. In addition to his United States research he has also conducted international health research in areas such as Western Europe, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, and sub-Saharan Africa. One recent strand of research investigates the role of health policy in shaping mortality trends and patterns, with several papers focusing on the particular role of health insurance in the United States, Costa Rica, Taiwan, and elsewhere. He is also Co-PI of the new Costa Rican Healthy Aging Survey (CRELES), a longitudinal effort to study how it is that Costa Rica has achieved life expectancy greater even than that of the United States. The first wave of this nationally representative survey was collected 2004-2006, including extensive biomarkers such as those comprising allostatic load measures, with longitudinal follow-ups now being conducted.

Selected Publications

Baicker, K., W. Dow, and J. Wolfson, “Health Savings Accounts: Implications for Health Spending”.  National Tax Journal, 40(3): 463-475, 2006.

Dow, W., D. Harris, and Z. Liu, “Differential Effectiveness in Patient Protection Laws: What Are the Causes? An Example from the Drive-Through Delivery Laws.”  Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 31(6):1107-1127, 2006.

Price, M., S. Stewart, W. Miller, F. Behets, W. Dow, F. Martinson, D. Chilongozi, M. Cohen, “The cost-effectiveness of treating male trichomoniasis to avert HIV transmission in men seeking STD care in Malawi.”  Journal of AIDS, 43(2):202-209, 2006.

Bian, J., W. Dow, and D. Matchar, “Medicare HMO Penetration and Mortality Outcomes of Ischemic Stroke.”  American Journal of Managed Care, 12(1):58-64, 2006.

Xie, J. and W. Dow, “Longitudinal Study of Child Immunization Determinants in China.”  Social Science and Medicine, 61(3):601-611, 2005.

Akin, J., W. Dow, P. Lance, and C. Loh, “Changes in Access to Health Care in China 1989-1997.”  Health Policy, 20(2):80-89, 2005.

Rosero-Bixby, L., W. Dow, and A. Lacle, “Insurance and Other Determinants of Elderly Longevity in a Costa Rican Panel.” Journal of Biosocial Science, 37(6):705-720, 2005.

Liu, G., W. Dow, A. Fu, and J. Akin, “Health Human Capital and Economic Returns: Evidence From Income Growth In China.” China Economic Quarterly, 4(1):101-116, 2005.

Liu, Z., W. Dow, and E. Norton, “Effect of Drive-Through Delivery Laws on Postpartum Length of Stay and Hospital Charges.”  Journal of Health Economics, 23(1):129-155, 2004.

Lance, P., J. Akin, W. Dow, and C. Loh, “Is Cigarette Smoking in Poorer Nations Highly Sensitive to Price? Evidence From Russia and China.” Journal of Health Economics, 23(1):173-189, 2004.

Akin, J.S., W. Dow, and P. Lance, “Did the Distribution of Health Insurance in China Continue to Grow Less Equitable in the Nineties?  Results from a Longitudinal Survey.” Social Science and Medicine, 58:293-304, 2004.

Lee, S-Y, W. Dow, V. Wang, and J. VanGeest, “Use of Deceptive Tactics in Physician Practices: Are There Differences Between International and U.S. Medical Graduates?” Health Policy, 67(3):257-264, 2004.

Li, Y., E. Norton, and W. Dow, “Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Demand Responses to Changes in Infectious Disease Mortality.” Health Services Research, 39(4):905-926, 2004.

Dow, W. and K. Schmeer, “Health Insurance and Child Mortality in Costa Rica.”  Social Science and Medicine 57(6):975-986, 2003.

Dow, W. and E. Norton, “Choosing Between and Interpreting the Heckit and Two-Part Models for Corner Solutions.” Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, 4(1):5-18, 2003.

Shin, E., W. Dow, A. Kaluzny, Y. Park, and K. Park, “Disease Coding Errors by Health Care Organizations: Effects of a Government Quality Intervention.”  International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 18:151-159, 2003.

Anderson, W., E. Norton, and W. Dow, “Medicare Maximization by State Medicaid Programs:  Effects on Medicare Home Care Utilization.”  Medical Care Research and Review, 60(2):201-222, 2003.

Dow, W. and D. Harris, “Exclusion of International Medical Graduates from Federal Health Care Programs.”  Medical Care 40(1):68-72, 2002.

Dow, W., T. Philipson, and X. Sala-i-Martin, “Longevity Complementarities under Competing Risks.” American Economic Review 89(5):1358-1371, 1999.

Dow, W., “Flexible Discrete Choice Demand Models Consistent with Utility Maximization: An Application to Health Care Demand.”  American Journal of Agricultural Economics 81(3):680-85, 1999.

Philipson, T. and W. Dow, “Infectious Disease Transmission and Infection Dependent Matching.” Mathematical Biosciences 148(2):161-80, 1998.

Dow, W. and T. Philipson, “An Empirical Examination of the Implications of Assortative Matching on the Incidence of HIV,” Journal of Health Economics, 15(6), 1996.

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