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2009 publications and in press publications

In press publications

Fernald, L.C.H. & Adler, N.E. (in press). Blood pressure and socio-economic status in low-income women in Mexico: a reverse gradient? Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

Singh-Manoux, A,. Gueguen, A., Ferrie, J., Shipley, M., Martikainen, P., Bonenfan,t S,. Goldberg, M., & Marmot, M. (in press). Gender paradox: does the association between morbidity and mortality differ in middle-aged men and women? American Journal Public Health.

Singh-Manoux, A., Nabi, H., Guéguen, A., Sabia, S., Dugravo, A., Shipley, M., Marmot, M. & Kivimaki, M. (in press). The importance of conventional risk factors for coronary heart disease: the relative and absolute risk approaches. Epidemiology.

2009 publications

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