MacArthur SES & Health Network
MacArthur SES & Health Network

I. Notebooks: Research Tools

  1. Social Environment Notebook
    The Social Environment Notebook contains chapters on measurement of income inequality, educational status, and overviews of environmental conditions affecting health in both work and home settings. In addition the Social Environment Notebook includes a Sociodemographic Questionnaire developed by the Network which includes questions to assess educational, economic and occupational status.

  2. Psychosocial Notebook
    In the Psychosocial Notebook, topics such as measures of psychological stress, social support and social conflict, optimism/pessimism and exposure to violence are discussed.

  3. Allostatic Load Notebook
    The Allostatic Load notebook contains chapters on allostatic load and allostasis, heart rate variability, measurement of salivary cortisol, parasympathetic function and sleep quality and quantity, to mention a few.

  4. Developmental Chapter
    The developmental chapter provides an overview for thinking about the lifecourse effects of SES on health.

II. Integrative Studies

III. Ongoing Collaborative Research


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